Why not Wednesday?

Standing behind moustached girls to get coffee frustrates me.
It frustrates me that they have moustaches – why?
There is a strip of wax you can purchase at each and every drug and grocery
It will remove the masculinity staining your face.
It frustrates me that they don’t know what to order,
and their primitive eyebrows make me grind my teeth
why are they here.  They don’t belong.  They don’t need to buy coffee
like me.

It frustrates me that they frustrate me.
Why am I bothered by this?  I of all people understand the
un necessity to conform to societal norms,
but their moustaches and their bushy eyebrows
arouse in me a sort of demented anger that can’t be explained
by simple

It frustrated me that I needed to get to work,
and that the people holding up the line
were moustached girls, fat women, indecisive idiots.

Choose something and leave, I couldn’t help thinking,
so that I  may continue to my own personal hell
doing something that I never want to support

And even in the realization that my frustration may not come
directly from the dolts in front of me,
their inability to choose a coffee size,
their slow mind processes and the lack of care for those around them,

I am still frustrated by the girls with moustaches.


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