the youth ARE alive

It’s not the excitement leading up the first song, the first note.
It’s not the pulsing, shoving, fighting aliveness of the crowd.
It’s not shouting until you’re hoarse or listening until you’re deaf.
It’s not standing right underneath the speakers nor is it being right near the stage.
It’s not witnessing the passion or feeling it or seeing the look on the artists’ faces.
It’s not watching people do what they love, watching them be heroes.
It’s not seeing them jump up and down with such energy.
It’s not the dancing until your feet bleed.

But it is all of this.

It is why people love to live, breathe concerts.
It is the hope they give that you can do what you love every day.
It is the courage they make you feel.
It’s in their lyrics.
It’s the joy, the escape you crave.
It’s the feeling that you also may make a difference in the world.
There is hope.
There is music.
There is you, them, and sound.
There is love.
And this, this is why we crave them.
This is why the
youth are alive.


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