Last Year’s New Year’s Toast

This is for the New Year.
This is to say hello.
This is to erase all that shit 2010 brought.

Now we say goodbye to broken hearts: hearts broken by guys, hearts broken by girls, and, worst, hearts broken by friends.  We say goodbye to the failed paths, we say goodbye to those mistakes, with no regret, knowing they’ve helped us become who we are.

So here’s to US!  Here’s to those who don’t give up!  Here’s to those who don’t stop fighting, here’s to those who don’t have life handed to them on a silver platter!

Here’s to learning new things, taking trips, being brave.  Here’s to overcoming disease.  Here’s to accepting miracles and believing in something.  Because we know that we control our future!  We know what we want.  And we know that we can get it.

We don’t forget, we learn, we live, we take from experience.
So here’s to the experiences – good and bad – we’ve survived!
We’re alive, and isn’t that something to be happy about?  We have clean water, we have roofs over our heads, isn’t that something to be thankful for?
And we have a good friend or two, and isn’t that something worth living for?

Who were you a year ago?  I guarantee not the same person.  So this is your chance, to do something great.



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