Just Another Music Monday

Death Cab is always a go-to band whenever you’re feeling… well, whatever, really.  I’m really feeling love for ‘Brothers on a Hotel Bed‘ today as I’m heading back to school, enduring my longest day of classes, and feeling…well, whatever, really.


“Leaving everything behind 
But even at our swiftest speed we couldn’t break from the concrete”


ALSO, check out Cloud Cult’s Forces of the Unseen.


Well, firstly, it’s a pretty epic song and who doesn’t need a good soundtrack as they struggle through the day?

Secondly, the band itself has a pretty cool history as its creator, Craig Minowa, rejected major record labels in favour of self-publishing and formed “Earthology Records” on his organic farm.  Google for more info.  But seriously?  Please tell me what’s more stellar than an indie artist starting his own band, his own record label, all from his own organic farm. Go green, people.

“It’s the warmth when you’re next to me.
It’s the bright white light of a fevered dream.
It’s the storm in your eyes.
It’s in the roots of the tree:
The underestimated power of the forces of the unseen.”


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