Lady of the Lake

A mysterious figure walks by the lake
Into the water she wades
The starlight shines through her
The moon makes her glow
The wind blows her body
She fades

Each night she appears
At the darkest hour
You can see her
From the highest tower
Giving off an eerie light
No creature goes near her
She seems quite forlorn
Every spectacular night

Once, one time
The clock struck twelve
And out appeared the lady
Clad in white with her greenish glow
At the water’s edge
She was joined by a furtive stranger
Un monsieur avec un grand chapeau

He took her into his arms,
As I watched from my turret,
They danced until the dawn
Then the wind blew quite strong
And they both were whisked away
Both disappeared for quite long

I sought her each night
For many long months
But at midnight
She could not be found
Until one December
I heard her long wails
She was down at the lake –
All alone

I heard her great sobs
And could not sleep that night
So I took a short walk
Down the cold, stone stairs I ran
Through long corridors
I dashed through the castle
And into the dreary night

It was cold and I had but my robe
The frost bit at my face and fingers
But I was searching,
And my search could not be deterred
I was surrounded by darkness
But I still heard the cries
I followed them out to the lake
And then, lo and behold, the lady appeared ‘fore my eyes
She stopped for a moment,
Regarded me coldly,
But slowly her stature did change
A smile crept over her deadly white lips
And the light in her eyes adjusted a bit

She made for my hand,
And the touch was colder than ice
She drew me towards the frost bitten lake
She drew me towards
My death

If I had have known
Where she would lead me,
I don’t know if I would’ve gone
But right now it was clear
I had only one choice
So I followed her across the lawn
And down the beach into the lake
Where my feet began to freeze
Further I went into the depths
‘til the water was covering me

My body was found the morning after,
By the gardener
Face down under the ice
They dug me out
And buried me upon the frozen grounds that day
But, I do not care to remember that part
For now I am finally glad
I found my true love, by the side of the lake
After watching her lonely a time

Now all is well, and our tale is at end
We’re happy together at last
We wade in the lake, but not for your eyes
Unless we’re seen in the wind
And my lady does carry
The most beautiful scents
Of roses and lavender upon her wrists
I smell it whenever she’s near

It is amazing when you find love that is true,
It is truly surprising, what you will do.


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