Why Not Wednesday?

I never could find the big dipper, and yet

I spot Orion’s belt every time I look up at the stars.

My head back, my heels clack: click (clock) ((clock)),

An impressive noise in the night,

On the pavement, in the street

Strikingly feminine, and startlingly angry

Echoing, click (clock) ((clock))

And someone texting me, asking if I’m alone

Scolding me and telling me that I know better.

I know we normalize violence, and blame those that stand their ground

I know we shut up those people with a voice.

I know that I like to walk alone, at night, in my scary

Clacking heels. Click (clock) ((clock))

Intimidating frightful men, and seeing girls turn their backs

Knowing that I’m lacking

Maybe, their impressively huge racks,

But knowing no one’s tracking

My every move. Nor do I care. Should I get whacked

then I’ll be smacking

Back. Click. (Clock.) ((Clock.))


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