But if flew away from her reach

That feeling of nausea you get from trapping
That pounding head, drum beat on temple, inside out
And the gasp for breath and wheezy sob
Mascara smear, patch it up real quick
Calm the shaking shoulder, stroke hand through my own hair
Calm yourself, because this is wrong, lest somebody should see

I am so filled with sorrow.
I wish it was possible for you to understand.
This bubbling mirth is just surface deep and
Every wound is too deep to see…or has on the surface healed.

I wish at every moment I could tell you the truth,
Because everyone deserves the truth,
But all I can offer is my bitter-sweet regret,
For the actions I have not done yet, and also the ones I have –
Even if they only affect my own person.

I haven’t cried like this since innocence.
I am a deeply unhappy person –
Is there no hope for people like us?
Those passionate few…
Shall we die? Together?


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