My understanding

One of the greatest acceptances I made in my life was accepting change.

What a stupid thing, right?  You’d think you’d accept something natural, something that happens every day, without question?  But no.

Especially when you, yourself as a person, change.  What if you don’t really like that change and you want to change back.  I learnt ‘change back’ is impossible.

You can only change forward.

Not striving to move backwards is sometimes more challenging than you’d think. I mean…people usually want to move forward right?

Wrong. Not when it’s uncomfortable.  Not when it’s unknown. You want to stay in your comfort zone; there’s something terribly unsettling about moving away from that. Even if it means moving towards a positive change.

However, once you make that acceptance of change, once you realize it’s impossible to travel backwards in time, you start accepting the future and the goodness it brings.

Or the difficulties.

But if you remember you can only move forward, and there will always be movement then nothing will ever last forever: good or bad.

Accept it, embrace it, react to it, help form it, move with it.

Never give up.


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