Half closed eyes

Heavy lids and half closed eyes
Hard to breathe with an absent mind
Everything slow, so why go fast
Quick to grab and built to last

Pressure points inducing thoughts of –
reminiscent of your thrust and –
bits of chocolate under tongue –
popped balloons, your punctured lung

The bang, the gasp, the fight for air
Mindless fog, hot-lidded stare
a push, a pull, the salty sweet
home-cooked meals are fun to eat

Tip-toe-tip, the sandman comes
turn down the lamp, the candles are on
a brush, a stroke, a tap, a kiss
Something that sounds like empty bliss

Knocks at the door, awakens you
and from your bed, you depart: fresh
Encounter rough carpet, rinse, repeat
Brush your teeth, smile, touch, hands, a feat.

Pack the bags under the bed
set by door and check the clock
There’s nothing to do but wait out the ride
the moon passes and returns the tide

Instead of queasy spinning whirlpool jets
a weighty blanket, cumbersome sunsets
snow settles on driveways, cars, road kill
Freezing touch, sight, smell, sense, thrill

The temperature is rising here,
like Satan’s breath is growing near
and lure into a fitful sleep
not knowing if these dreams will keep

Lest they reveal the broom won’t sweep
aside the dirt and grit from floors
that fucking, hard, won’t wipe away
the evil that has come to stay.

But, heavy lids and half-closed eyes
Sun-chapped lips and sun-kissed thighs
Cloudless days to sleepless nights
Yelling fits to silent fights

Amusement parks have swirly rides
that make you sick if you do try
to hold back laughter, all your cries
the noise, the release, the greasy fries

Shoved down a throat to no protest
ketchup stains on a new dress
Blistered feet from running hard
A story told by old blind bard

Written words cast down on page
torn shirt, sleeves begin to fray
As they rub along the paper’s edge
It tears, reveals the manmade thread

That all things die, and all things end
and longing stops as breathing slows
Love flies up the chimney out of chest
The ribcage’s use is to wear the vest

No gesture of any emotion at all
Lock them up and throw away the key
Flush the shit down toilet drain
These words are nothing but insane.


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