Writer’s Block

It seems that I haven’t picked up the pen, or touched my keyboard, in what feels like forever.

I must make time for myself, to do the things I love. I must find the energy to create.

I must destroy this block from my mind. Work aside, exhaustion aside, love joy laughter & misery aside, I must work to bring forth the things from my mind.

I must work against the heated fog, the sultry breeze of self-possession, selfishness, and petty arguments of soul rivaling mind.

To thrust away the dense brush and undergrowth that barricades the hard-to-find trail in the woods of creativity and inner thoughts.

To muster the strength to continue onward amongst the din of pollution and wicked life that threatens my very existence.

For such things must everyone face.  While not everyone sees this, and yet I do, I must let that drive me forward and not stall me.

Such is.



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