A hand in the crowd

Is up, and up and up,

And a boot –

That big black boot, stomps that hand.

That boot is on a white, hairy foot.

And there is nothing you can do.

There is no voice you can use that is not your own

Even after your own has been hated.

There are no words you can speak

That will not be spilling from the mouth that is yours.

There is nothing you can do to replace

That you

That is inside you

That is inside you.

This is no Dr. Seuss book – though he spoke of truth

In rhyme and verse and nonsense speech

And coined the ‘nerd’ we hate to teach –

But there is truth in every letter of every word

Because it is written down and permanent

And cannot be taken back.

Memory can be transformed, muted, manipulated,

But cannot ever be taken away.

And the matter in life. Is.

What once there was, will always be

And yet cannot be ever again.

And I just have to worry about not being squashed

By a louder, bigger, whiter, stronger


But I will not trade in my heels just yet.


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