Remembrance Day Poem

All the Poor Soldiers

Hopes Shattered, lives destroyed.
Ashes scattered after bombs.

Remember the suffering, the soldiers, the pain.
Remember the bombing, the ashes, the rain.
Will we not remember, on this one little day?
Of the soldiers that fought, while their families did pray.
The soldiers fought so we could be free.
The soldiers fought for a peace that truly could not be.
Eyes met those of enemies.
Here they needed bravery.
Dedication in a heart,
when with a family, he did part.
Sacrifice of sister, brother.
Missing one that was a mother.
Loyalty is in one’s soul,
when he feeds a loved one from his own bowl.
So now poppies grow among the graveyards of the dead.
Come pay respect to whom lay in heaven’s bed.
So do not laugh, but do not sorrow.
They fought and now we have, yet, one more tomorrow.


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