Just Another Music Monday

Today is the mournful Monday. It is also New Year’s Eve.

F’or all you party poopers out there who love to be sad, please enjoy this list of 101 Depressing songs.

That way you can recall how awful your year was and maybe cry a little.

Although not all melancholic on their own – all together, the songs will be sure to bring the mood of your day down, down, down.

Just Another Holiday Music Monday

No matter what you celebrate – Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or a Festivus for the rest of us – your ears have no doubt been assaulted with Christmas tunes for the past month almost everywhere you go.  I, personally, have been sticking with the hard rock radio stations while driving to keep a more melancholic mood about my head.  Darn those cheery, and often ridiculous, Christmas songs!

Nonetheless, I cannot help but acknowledge some of my favourites. I have to say, I am partial to Elvis’ bluesy notes and Diana Krall’s jazzy voice over Michael Buble’s (don’t hate me, womankind), but I have a short list that includes all three.  Enjoy, and spread the cheer… perhaps it will relieve the last of your holiday melancholia.

Michael Buble – “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

Diana Krall – “New Year’s Eve”

Barenaked Ladies – “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman”

The Bird and the Bee – “Carol of the Bells”

Zee Avi – “Frosty the Snowman”

and the best winter song:

The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt – “Snowday”

Just Another Music Monday

This Monday, I highly recommend the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack.

Not only is this a wonderful movie, O Brother Where Art Thou has one of the most fantastic soundtracks there is.

Here are a few of my preferences – very uplifting during this dreary time and a nice break from Christmas music.

Keep on the Sunny Side

You are My Sunshine

and my favourite: “Big Rock Candy Mountains

Try and enjoy this mucky Monday!


What follows is the epigraph to a story I began writing quite a few years ago. It winds and weaves its way into the haunting tale until it unravels its mystery to the characters and readers alike.

If ye do want the curse to end,
There be beliefs that you must bend
If I can’t have mine, then you can’t have yours
They’ve all disappeared, the ones you’ve adored
Through the mist and through the fog
Thought the stench of rotting bog
In life and after death
If hearts may pump until there is no breath
If what may be sought is beyond the grave
Once returned, the loved shall be saved
Hence it shall end for this poor knave
You will find no more the misbehaved
Only some find happy endings
For some the heart may still need mending
Until the essence once again becomes whole
All in this castle I control
Beware your sleep, beware your dreams
For when you wake, all’s not what it seems…

Just Another Music Monday

One of my favourite jams right now has to be The Naked and Famous’ “Punching in a Dream.”

I first heard this song in Pitch Perfect, back in September, and completely forgot about loving it until I downloaded the movie again recently.  (Great movie too, by the way – Rebel Wilson is a goddess.)

It has been at the top of my playlist every time I switch my mp3 player on and may quickly find its way to my top-played list.

Next, please give a listen to Ham Sandwich.  Great band, beautiful music, and even some neat videos.  This song, “Ants,” is currently my first choice by them – but check out everything on their playlist.

As something totally different, I’m also throwing the song “Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)” by Ultraista into the mix.  It has appeared on two Indie Rock Playlists in the last month (BIRP! November & Indie Rock December) so you know it has got to be good. Warning: it probably will get stuck in your head due to its repetitive nature and catchy lyric…(s?).

Happy Monday! Don’t let it get you too melancholic.


What is this restless thing inside me,
that says I can’t be still?

What burden do I carry,
that causes me to write?

An incessant tapping of the foot
and a crying at the gate,

I’m leaving here tonight;
I’m sorry I can’t wait.

I’ll leave you all behind,
as I plan this great escape.

I’ll toss the bed sheets through the frame
and rappel down the wall,

For there’s a time and there’s a place
for each and every thing.

I have yet to find my own
the time and place where I belong;

I have yet to find a time to sing
a place to birth my song.

A whisper in the corner
A voice that says, “don’t go,”

A shadow ever moving
even though I’ve long stood still

A haunting in the corridor
A ghost that grasps my throat

A rustle in the rafters
a noose to hang my coat.

With a cloak slung ‘round my shoulders,
and thick boots on my feet

The freezing rain invites me,
to dance out in the street.

A tappa-tap, a tippy-toe,
hot tea in thermos packed,

Tonight I’ll make the great escape
And never will turn back.

Each photo that I gaze upon
has seemed to lose its luster,

The bitter wind that stings my face
threatens to ruin my things,

The memories I’ve packed up tight
I’m not yet prepared to lose,

And of all these sweet belongings
not one I’d truly choose

To throw away, and let go the past
for ever does it follow;

It nips and bites my black-blue heels
and cracks the ice I walk on.

Will I really leave tonight,
embark upon this journey?

Can one start over, really leave
and demand a new beginning?

What you’ve done, it comes in dreams
reminds you where you’ve been;

If you are lost, but see the light
you’ll never reach le fin.

There are false trails, you might have known
that set off the mouse trap-tricks;

You’ve danced around such snares before
but what allure you love

You dust the mantelpiece with care
just before you go.

You’ll meet me where crossroads collide;
we are one, you know.