A Sickness

It started out so very great,
Then everything came down

A sickness spread across the skin
while mouth began to frown

A pinky hive, a greenish rash
a sickly hue my skin did take

A cry in night, last gasp for breath
and then my body began to shake

My fingernails unfurled to claws
they pierced my flaking hide

My parchment skin was peeling off
all hope within had withered, dried

My mouth began to fill with blood
my tongue was split in two

And from my throat there came a croak
that said nothing but, “imbue.”

The howl I no longer hear,
my ears are falling off my head

But hairs are rising on my neck
and suddenly fur begins to spread

My teeth they punctured both my lips
as I growl, slobber, drool

A haggard muzzle now in place
here to replace this soul: a ghoul.

Suddenly my thoughts are fuzzy
is it day or is it night?

I’m hungry for a something,
but my vision has took flight.

How can I make decisions
My mind is not attached

I dread the moment dearly
when my thoughts become mismatched

So everything is muddled,
my instincts drive my need

A low and steady rumble sounds
as my raspy throat concedes

The darkness is my friend
as the sickness takes control

Every bit of light within me
the good cannot console

I’m on all fours and crawling round
I tear down all the drapes

I shriek as sunlight hits my eyes
All the shadows take on awful shapes

The literature upon my shelves
is strewn across the floor

I care not for pretty things
annihilation is my chore

I won’t rest till all are dead
a meal for me to make

A haunting will pervade this town
as in each garden blooms a snake.

And so this is affliction
which all will recognize

– not some zombie-like disease,
nor a Halloween disguise –

But a call for much destruction
a cleansing to make new

My flesh is all on fire and
the last bit of good withdrew.

As this city burns and the buildings all come down,
I remember how the sickness began with hateful frown.

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    Gripping & forceful

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