Just Another Music Monday

One of my favourite jams right now has to be The Naked and Famous’ “Punching in a Dream.”

I first heard this song in Pitch Perfect, back in September, and completely forgot about loving it until I downloaded the movie again recently.  (Great movie too, by the way – Rebel Wilson is a goddess.)

It has been at the top of my playlist every time I switch my mp3 player on and may quickly find its way to my top-played list.

Next, please give a listen to Ham Sandwich.  Great band, beautiful music, and even some neat videos.  This song, “Ants,” is currently my first choice by them – but check out everything on their playlist.

As something totally different, I’m also throwing the song “Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)” by Ultraista into the mix.  It has appeared on two Indie Rock Playlists in the last month (BIRP! November & Indie Rock December) so you know it has got to be good. Warning: it probably will get stuck in your head due to its repetitive nature and catchy lyric…(s?).

Happy Monday! Don’t let it get you too melancholic.


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