short skirts and low cut tops

This abysmal dismissal of relevant info
a picture taken out of context
a portrait of a young woman
standing alone, skirt hiked up
and breasts pushed out,

“more cleavage”
someone shouts from off set.
“they’ll take care of that in editing”
someone replies

she shuts her ears, hears not the noise
but attempts to only feel the power
in being a role model to young girls,
because I’m happy with my body,
she thinks

but destroys the twelve year old girl
who can’t match that chest or that posture,
hunched over in shame as she is,
never mind that flat stomach – guess
she’s not doing enough crunches

time to get a gym membership at fourteen,
maybe an eating disorder in a couple years
has to plan for the future
has to make her role model proud

strap by strap, a teen laces up the gladiator heels
she saw in vogue – saved a year for them, didn’t you know –
matched that magazine outfit bit for bit
birthdays and holidays combined
got just the right skirt for just the right sweater
just like in that seventeen

a little awkward, those new clothes on the first day,
making minor readjustments
overkill on the confidence
to hide the lack thereof
a few compliments from friends
and a smile ensues

then the whispers from the teachers
and someone coughs ‘slut’ as she walks by
and that magazine model and that
carefully planned outfit – straight from page 22 –
gets kicked to the curb in a cloud of
whorish dust

you should be ashamed
her mom said
and all the magazine said was
on sale for 4.99
buy me and your dreams will come true

but that’s how the promise is packaged

false advertising isn’t always easy to spot

and no one tells you it comes with the label “slut”
no extra charge

Just Another Music Monday

Here are some beautiful songs for another melancholic Monday:

Lisa Hannigan – “A Sail”

Fleet Foxes – “Mykonos”

Andrew Bird – “Three White Horses”

Regina Spektor – “Hero”

Future Monarchs – “Evil Art”

Flint Eastwood – “The River”


A note.

There is a certain vulnerability in expressing a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings to others,
and if you, as a writer, are unable to feel the threat of judgment
as your words escape the prison of your rib cage,
bouncing round in the red orb hung delicately within your chest,
then siphoned through the mind and escaped through the lips or finger tips,
then you are unable to call yourself a poet.

Just saying.

How to make me fall in love with you

Entice me with your words
pierce my walls with meanness
show me you have the power to break another person
yet you refuse.

Show me you have the willpower to stand up
and alone
and have the ability to open your door
welcome a stranger,
and trust they will not throttle you in your sleep.

Tease me with kisses and polite dialogue,
an intercourse of exchanged language
with no innuendo and no
biting sting of
regretted words.

Demonstrate your strength
not in feats of power
but in exploits of courage,
the deed which you complete though
you know you’re licked before you start,
see it through.

Toss your speech with abandon
but not your ideas –
Your ideals are by your heart
and you live not beside them
but by virtue of them
unto others
though they not do the same.

A vital man with an Achilles heel
I in turn choose not to sever,
a choice my own – as all my acts
are of my own volition.

For I have power too.
As you penetrate, I consume.
As you guffaw, I may also laugh.
As you devastate, I ruin.
As you toy, I play.
As you adore, I love.
I am passionate, above all else.

Prove you have a compulsion for life,
you choose endurance over death,
you have potential to be a
raft for those without
for my exigency for life
is almost extinguished.

Demonstrate a lust for adventure
that is comparable to my own
so we can rid ourselves
of this boredom, tedium,
this dullness, together.

You are a collaborator,
a fellow conspirator and colleague,
a fellow traveller on this quest,
upfront and honest,
sparing only of the sensitivity of others,
unless for a private laugh –

For laughter is god overall.
The ability to laugh at good and bad,
strong and weak,
not others, but ourselves,
in the dark and in the light,
a reason to go forth,
and conquer
not all,
but love.


My words drip in lupine sarcasm

hasten wit, but fall flat in envious

teeth gnashing, hands vying,

seeking attention that doesn’t exist

because of the malignant conspirators

contriving plots against the masses

living in fear of the governments

that should live in fear of them & the

cycles of change – did you know that Rome fell?

It was in the paper last week.  I heard,

says he, who watches the fluttering of my chest

as the bird under my breast bone

sings, so that it might one day be free.

Just Another Music Monday

I know it’s not new, and it’s probably a bit overplayed on the radio right now (hence why I don’t listen to the spoil-sport medium), but Atlas Genius’ Trojans is a pretty great recent discovery for me.

Take it off
Take it in
Take off all the thoughts of what we’ve been
Take a look
Take a picture you could never recreate
Write a song
make a note
for the lump that sits inside your throat
Change the locks, change the scene
Change it all but can’t change what we’ve been

It’s time to take a moment and recognize Everything Everything as the great band they are!  If you’re looking for a fun song to listen to while driving or to play while you clean your room, “Kemosabe” by Everything Everything is what you’ll want to add to your playlist.

Lastly for today, The Young Professionals did a great cover of “Video Games” (originally by Lana Del Ray) that I believe is praiseworthy.


Another Blog

I just wanted to make note that I have started another blog as well. (I mean other than unexpected stories).

I thought of starting a “manners” blog almost a year ago when I was still in the midst of university madness, working in retail, and experiencing rude people daily.  However, I did not have the time – nor energy – while in university.  Now I have the opportunity to do the blog I wish AND get school credit, though, so I’ve picked up the torch once more.

To check out another blog of mine, just click here. There are many more posts coming! Including “Retail Reminders” designed to keep annoying consumers in line – yes, that could be you. Please enjoy, but feel free to ignore the post that suggests smiling. I know it’s sometimes hard to do, my melancholic friends.