Why not Wednesday?

As it comes round to hump day once more
I take a look at the week I’ve endured –
how many more days to go?

I sit in class and stare out the window,
sometimes wondering what I’m paying for…

Is it a degree? A piece of paper? Is it someone to tell me things I already know?
Because I feel like I could be pushing myself so much more.

I have so much more to learn,
why isn’t everything more of a challenge?

As I stand up in front of my class and
read my prepared speech,
I hear my voice quaver and falter, and I think,
“This is not me.”

But it is, and I am, and I always must be.

It’s time to shake off the nerves and participate in life.
I don’t have time to die poor, alone, and starving –
no matter what kind of artist I think I could be.

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