The written word:
A virus, thrilling
Bores deep into the skin
Creates its cavernous cavity
Gnawing, eating, absorbing flesh
To feed and germinate
Spreading from limb to mind
A possession unlike any other
Sometimes resulting in spewage,
Uncontrollable waste –
Yet other times patterning
The ethereal rash which
Grasps and ropes observers in.

I was infected at birth
And I spored in my youth,
Pieces of myself falling here
And there, to the dismay
Of classmates and teachers alike.
They’d try and reattach the pieces,
Wearing gloves to stave off infection.
They didn’t deserve this plague anyway.
It was mine, wholly and fully and beautifully.
So what if they didn’t understand?

I managed to get under their skin anyway.

Still do, I think.

Just Another Music Monday

Music for your Melancholic Monday


Youth” by Daughter

Cala Cola” by The Smiles

The Catcher in the Rye” by Azure Blue

I Couldn’t Be Your Friend” by Tegan & Sara


Why not Wednesday?


I am the organizer

I am the planner

I’m the mom

I’m the hostess

I make sure that everyone is settled

Before I feed myself

I make sure that everyone’s happy

Before I’m ever pleased

I am the worrier,

Only for others

I will suffer at the expense

Of someone else’s happiness

I keep track of appointments

I always know the way

When you need something done right

You can come to me.

But the one time,
any of those one times,
that I will need something in return


The response is never as fast

As the act that prompts it.

What is fairness and justice

If you expect something in return


Why Not Wednesday?

An ethical dilemma
before the job starts

advertise for something
you’d never buy

not only would you not buy it
you wouldn’t wrap it
in a box with bows
or sign your name in the card

you’d pretend you’ve never
been near or heard of
this thing in your life

and here you are,
sword in hand so you might
take a stab in the dark

how to make this
bull shit look like
a heart-shaped box
of chocolates.

This Means War

Not a war with bloodshed,
Perhaps a war with tears
A war expressed with language
A war that conquers fears

I feel an obligation
to exclaim my words
yet my passion must be quiet
as not to seem absurd

Fight against the ignorance
fight against indulgence
fight against the old wives’ tales
fight for common sense

Too long have we stood idly by
and let the preachers tax our ears.
into submission we have settled
and it’s gone on for years

Here’s to correcting people
the idle and the dumb
I reject your information
You’ve no source from which it comes

It spills out from your mouth,
a slack jawed petty thing,
an empty thought popped into mind
and so it you thought you’d sing

I reject your proclamation
I discredit all your “facts”
I’d tell you where to shove it,
but I’d rather you just get sacked.

Just Another Music Monday

Song Recommendations for a dull and mournful Monday.  I’m dreading school tomorrow. I’m in NO mood!

“Christabel” by Dems

I wished I’d
not found you
beneath that
forest tree

“Blew My Mind” by Dresses

“Everyone’s Gonna Get High” by Grouplove

“Get Over You” by The Kicks

“Drink Drank Drunk” by Jack Moy & Glöden

Sick of the people telling me not to hide behind my sunshades

Sick of the people telling me not to drink on a Sunday

Sick of the people telling me not to run or go my own way

go my own way

hearts don’t last

Heart race
tongue dry
hands sweat
hair fried

Quick step step
dodge to the side
run away fast
dance not to die

Push thoughts
far back
not nice
sad sack

A phantom ghost
that haunts the hall
its music loud
to mask the brawl

Clothes slide
off him
rinse mouth
lights dim

Animate the gods
cry out in vain
headboard broke
could not contain

One heart
beats fast
two hearts
can’t last