1) I haven’t posted in FOREVER. Shame. Shame on me. Shame on you for not caring! But more so, shame on me.

2) My first post back is going to be music…even though it is SO the opposite of Monday.

3) I’m going to treat this blog like a diary for like TWO SECONDS, so please bear with me.

I love music. I know most people say that. But I REALLY love music. (I know most people say that too – and I’m NOT saying I love it more than them. I think that’s GREAT! We all love music together!)

But then there are these songs that GET me. Like…this is really hard to put into words, but everyone (anyone?) who is reading this is going, yeah – I so know what she means. It’s as if this song was a laser gun, and it just shot music into your soul. That’s too corny. But how else can I describe it? It has a beam like quality. It doesn’t just affect your ears, it affects the very way your heart beats. It turns your room into this planet that you can’t truly reach on any physical level. And these songs can do this for a short time or a long time but they can do it again and again.

I call these songs “epic.” They are the songs that I will record onto the soundtrack of my life. They usually bring me back to a specific time and place – mostly because I’ll listen to them on repeat until that godly feeling is mostly gone. Then I’ll find another one. Sometimes the periods in between these epics are too long. Sometimes they overlap.

I still remember one of the first times I listened to a song and was just like: wow. This is all I want to hear for the next 48 hours.

Of course, I didn’t have high speed internet, an app on my phone that could tell me what it was (I didn’t even have a camera phone for goodness’ sake!), and the pure rarity of this song only made me want it more. I was lusting after an intangible noise.

The song was (*embarrassed face*Matchbox Twenty’s “How Far We’ve Come.” (Ah! I feel it again!)

Actually, the first time I felt it (and just didn’t realize it), I’m fairly certain it was with Sum 41’s “Fat Lip” and soon after that Blink 182’s “First Date.”

These are the songs that I listen to by myself, usually driving, usually with the stereo on a deafening volume, often a night, or on a long drive, …and I’m usually screaming them at the top of my lungs or totally rocking out as if I weren’t afraid to do karaoke. These are the songs I dance to in my room, singing into a hair brush, looking longingly in the mirror, just at myself, and I’m usually thinking, damn I am so into this I actually look good. (A lie obviously).

It’s something I will never grow out of. Some of the songs are singles, and I’m not even ashamed that I’m unoriginal. When it hits it hits. And I have no idea what people are talking about, saying that when music hits you feel no pain. I feel pain. I feel love. I feel light. I feel a fucking lot! But it’s amazing. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

So here are some other good songs. They may or may not have been epic tunes at one point in my life. I may or may not be in love with them now. But that doesn’t really matter, because all I want to do is share some good, sometimes unusual, music with you.

Maybe I’ll see some of the stuff you share too.

Racing Glaciers – “New Country” 

Wildlife – “Lightning Tent”

Lorde – “Buzzcut Season”

Dear Rouge – “I Heard I Had”

Bastille – “Daniel in the Den”


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