Just Another Music Monday

Broken Bell’s ” Perfect World”

I was hoping for
An easy rambling life
Till the notion came to my mind
We look for exit signs
But we can’t be changed
Into nothing overnight

 Mighty Oaks’ “The Golden Road”

What I’ve seen of all these righteous types
is that they don’t know
the path to the promised land is long
and it differs for every man
and every country and every land

 Future Islands’ “A Dream of You and Me”

I wrestled by the sea
A loneliness in me
I asked myself for peace
And found it at my feet

 Brendan Maclean’s “Stupid”


The Morning After

Why do I cling desperately to the night?
I refuse to close my eyes and give into the dawn

I don’t want to be awake for the beginning
I don’t want to recognize an end

This idyllic morn has never occurred to me
and I won’t sleep while others are awake –
what could I be missing?

An anxiety takes hold as I regret what I didn’t do
and lacking courage I refuse to look forward to
a new opportunity to undo the things not done

The darkness is a comforting wrap
not haunted with ghosts or terrors
but providing a shelter, warm and closed

To be open is to be a deer in a clearing
To be optimistic is to be a fool

I am no dunce so I wish just once
the morning after would not come

Only night, eternal, forever more
no loss of time, no morning sun
no end to the day, no more: it’s done, it’s done…