The Morning After

Why do I cling desperately to the night?
I refuse to close my eyes and give into the dawn

I don’t want to be awake for the beginning
I don’t want to recognize an end

This idyllic morn has never occurred to me
and I won’t sleep while others are awake –
what could I be missing?

An anxiety takes hold as I regret what I didn’t do
and lacking courage I refuse to look forward to
a new opportunity to undo the things not done

The darkness is a comforting wrap
not haunted with ghosts or terrors
but providing a shelter, warm and closed

To be open is to be a deer in a clearing
To be optimistic is to be a fool

I am no dunce so I wish just once
the morning after would not come

Only night, eternal, forever more
no loss of time, no morning sun
no end to the day, no more: it’s done, it’s done…


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