Just Another Music Monday

I sit at work, hands on my temples, rubbing. I press my palms against my ears but even that does not prevent the mall music from getting in, a pervasive ear worm begins to burrow, “right about now, the funk soul brother r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r”, pounding like an epileptic heartbeat distracting from the task at hand.

Good thing it’s almost the end of the workday, and I can have a fresh start tomorrow, tugging my iPod and headphones along with me to work. Office work never did look pretty from a mall window – the least I can do is drown out the sound of marketing, consumerism, and the murmur of too-old people with nothing to do.

Check out my (mainstream) music playlist for the ride home (can’t wait!). What are you de-stress songs at the end of the day? My winter is feeling…. alternative rock.

Only Joking by the Kongos

Shipwreck by USS

Take me to Church by Hozier

Come to Light by Arkells

Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

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