Just Another Music Monday

Probably most of these songs aren’t new to everyone, but they helped get me through a busy time at work and are continuing to improve my day!

“Lifted Up (1985)” by Passion Pit

Oh well, how many years has it been now?
How many days went to waste?
Now the rain and the thunder are clashing
The Sun’s got a smile ‘cross the face
Oh, but yeah I’m so tired
I fight so hard and come back beaten
Beacon, burn through it brightly
Soared through a sliver of space

“Winter is Coming” by Firewoodisland
(I don’t know half the words but I sing along anyway.
Can someone get on these lyrics, please?)

“Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon
I enjoy this fun tune almost as much as their “Anna Sun”
This band definitely needs to keep producing these catchy, FUN, dance-y songs!

“What Kind of Man” by Florence + the Machine

But I can’t beat you
Cause I’m still with you
Oh mercy I implore
How do you do it
I think I’m through it
Then I’m back against the wall

What kind of man loves like this

“No Room in Frame” by Death Cab for Cutie

Was I in your way
When the cameras turned to face you?
No room in frame
For two
And how can I stay
In the sun
When the rain flows
All through my veins
It’s true

“The Road You Didn’t Take” by Stornoway

There is something dark and beautiful and magical about this song. *Repeat*

Get high up on the mountain
Feel your lungs start burning as you rise
Sometimes when you get to this height
You will see another hill to climb
But sometimes all you can see
When you look down the other side
It’s the road you didn’t take
The road you didn’t take
It’s the road you didn’t take
The road you didn’t take

“Monkey Tree” by Mother Mother

Do not ask me what my obsession with this band is – I can’t explain it.
Although it probably has something to do with their weirdness…

Tied to the rat race,
A big bird in a small cage.
You’re tied with a tightrope,
And you wiggle but it won’t let go.
You wanna be a free bird,
You wanna be a free lover, see
You gotta run from the shepherd.
Run, run away with me.