Why Not Wednesday?

Reflections while people-watching

As I sit, I can’t help but watch families and wonder what kids are learning. They are a mystery to me, but I’m told often, they are sponges – always listening, observing, learning (especially those who have not buried their faces and eyes downward into a cell phone or iPad).

I recall the angrily typed Facebook post of a mother who struggled to get her children to see a cashier at Dairy Queen as human: the children greedily grabbed their cones in delightful and anxious anticipation without eye contact, thank yous, or other basic niceties.

I think about this as I watch parents do the same to me and other employees doing their jobs about the mall. Parents pull their children away from people speaking to them in mid-sentence; they do not wish the cashier a good day; they thank no one for an exchange of time. They buy their children toys and then get angry with them for asking for more. No one values anything. Worse, no one takes responsibility.

Who is paying the price?