What follows is the epigraph to a story I began writing quite a few years ago. It winds and weaves its way into the haunting tale until it unravels its mystery to the characters and readers alike.

If ye do want the curse to end,
There be beliefs that you must bend
If I can’t have mine, then you can’t have yours
They’ve all disappeared, the ones you’ve adored
Through the mist and through the fog
Thought the stench of rotting bog
In life and after death
If hearts may pump until there is no breath
If what may be sought is beyond the grave
Once returned, the loved shall be saved
Hence it shall end for this poor knave
You will find no more the misbehaved
Only some find happy endings
For some the heart may still need mending
Until the essence once again becomes whole
All in this castle I control
Beware your sleep, beware your dreams
For when you wake, all’s not what it seems…

Remembrance Day Poem

All the Poor Soldiers

Hopes Shattered, lives destroyed.
Ashes scattered after bombs.

Remember the suffering, the soldiers, the pain.
Remember the bombing, the ashes, the rain.
Will we not remember, on this one little day?
Of the soldiers that fought, while their families did pray.
The soldiers fought so we could be free.
The soldiers fought for a peace that truly could not be.
Eyes met those of enemies.
Here they needed bravery.
Dedication in a heart,
when with a family, he did part.
Sacrifice of sister, brother.
Missing one that was a mother.
Loyalty is in one’s soul,
when he feeds a loved one from his own bowl.
So now poppies grow among the graveyards of the dead.
Come pay respect to whom lay in heaven’s bed.
So do not laugh, but do not sorrow.
They fought and now we have, yet, one more tomorrow.

Ode to Window

Oh window: with your simple wooden frame.
Curtains                                                a bit ajar,
Sky                                                                   blue.
Outside                                                             the
Pane.                                                                  Cat
Lies                                                                 Upon
The                                                                      Sill
Like a picture painted by some unknown artist

Uncharted Territory

Maybe there’s a world around us,

That’s not exactly what it seems.

But nobody can wander there,

It’s only in your dreams.

Perhaps it haunts you day and night,

Or maybe not at all.

It’s really quite a mystery,

That no one can recall.

But everyone has a different place,

That they’d like to go.

And you may tell them it’s not real,

But you don’t really know.

Is there something living,

Either out in space, or in deep, deep earth?

You do not now what it is,

Or how much it’s worth.

But there’s something out there!

We’re each just dying to see.

Yet what it is, or where it is,

Is beyond you or me.

So yet we go on pondering,

And wondering more still.

Is there life beyond the stars?

Curiosity is still yet to spill.

Canada Rant (An Identity Poem) – Gr. 10 History Assignment

Grace and freedom, rights abound

Canada’s home to many around

There’s the red and white flag, hung with pride

For the great maple leaf, the Mounties ride

We’ve claimed the beaver as well as the moose

Our forests are vast, from the mighty oak to the spruce

From the Rocky Mountains to the Maritimes

Toonies, loonies, nickels, dimes

We have coins and coloured money

Our maple syrup’s sweet, as is our honey

Different cultures spread across the land

We’re happy, safe, and we understand

Friendly people, their smiles show

Famous personalities: Mackenzie, Trudeau

They built our nation to what it is today

For the better or worse, on course or astray

A nation, a country, a province a city

A home, an individual: large scale to itty-bitty

I salute, thee, O Canada, and all that you mean

For about each Canadian, there’s a pride that – most definitely – can be seen.

One More Flower Wilts

In high school I had to complete an assignment on War poetry and write some of my own.  Here is one of my contributions.

One more flower wilts,
One more day goes on.
One more tear is shed,
One more war is won.

As the sun does set,
And the leaves fall to the ground,
A man walks off to war,
To the grave he’s bound.

We’re yet to lose another,
For death’s not overcome
A heart will soon stop beating,
No more like the steady drum.

And yet another day goes by,
We let it slip our mind,
Why do we have hate and greed?
It makes all the joy go blind.

Of all the pain in war,
And of all the suffering,
You wonder why it happens,
No happiness it brings.

And so, one more flower wilts,
One more day goes on,
one more person lost,
One more teardrop drawn.


Every person wants it

They see it gleam, shine

                   It catches the light

Throw away the garbage

No one wants the





That comes along

Why can’t we all share a piece of this lovely jewel?

Everyone can hold a piece

of ivory

Everyone but the elephant.

Dash him to pieces!

Dig out his tusks!

Watch as he dies!

See the blood pour,

Wash it from your hands!

We want no more;

We’ve got what we came for!