Canada Rant (An Identity Poem) – Gr. 10 History Assignment

Grace and freedom, rights abound

Canada’s home to many around

There’s the red and white flag, hung with pride

For the great maple leaf, the Mounties ride

We’ve claimed the beaver as well as the moose

Our forests are vast, from the mighty oak to the spruce

From the Rocky Mountains to the Maritimes

Toonies, loonies, nickels, dimes

We have coins and coloured money

Our maple syrup’s sweet, as is our honey

Different cultures spread across the land

We’re happy, safe, and we understand

Friendly people, their smiles show

Famous personalities: Mackenzie, Trudeau

They built our nation to what it is today

For the better or worse, on course or astray

A nation, a country, a province a city

A home, an individual: large scale to itty-bitty

I salute, thee, O Canada, and all that you mean

For about each Canadian, there’s a pride that – most definitely – can be seen.