Commemorative Dream >Landscape<

Here – I can meet you somewhere after we fall
Asleep. Somewhere with blue sky, warm air, hot sand between your toes,
Pooling waves, refreshing and cool, your refuge from the heat and hundreds of tide
Pools dot the beach, each one waiting for exploration and discovery.
Yes! Each one is different than the last. You haven’t worry for comforts – Here.

Air. The weather is kind and the evening breeze rocks your hammock gently.
Now. Warm skin pressed against yours takes the shiver from your spine.
Need. You can wrap your arms around space, more than air. Solid. Grounding.
Insecurity. Leave this place in your dreams. Do give yourself time to sleep and dream.
Vice. And do not be haunted. Far worse could befall you. But it won’t.
Ecstasy. Let your senses come alive to the sound of the waves, and the sting of the salt,
Roil. Turbulent wind rousing flesh to dune as the course sand piles.
Sun blinds you in day. The darkness curls around you at night.
And tonight when your eyes are closed, you can set your intention to the beach.
Rest. Do not miss the sunset, the sunrise, and a better day.
Yes! You deserve it. Come Here.


Hear, the sleep is calling
rest your head upon my chest
I hear the wind fly through the reeds
yet you must get some rest

It’s been a long adventure,
you’re weary from the ride
your journey’s almost over
it’s the returning of the tide

The moon is waxing in the sky
the stars but guiding lights
Hecate’s chariot, magic driven,
takes its night time flight

Peel away the layers of the day
now a lime whose zest is grated
you have loved the sun today
but a whole day you have waited

To lie your back flat on the ground
and heave a deep calm sigh
say goodnight to loved ones
lie back, breathe deep, and shut your eyes.