Why Not Wednesday?

To all those F***ers who tell people to pray in times of trouble and think that you have done enough.

Sometimes “Godly” people amaze me. Sometimes I wonder if they have even contemplated what they believe in.

Whether or not you believe in God, He is a spiritual entity. If you are cold, he cannot warm you. You must light the fire. If you are hungry, he cannot feed you. You must put bread to your lips. If you are tired, he cannot give you energy. You must rest.

Christians sing, “Pray to God in your times of troubles!” They see that there are bad things in the world that are caused by people, that must be fixed by people. Yet, if you cry out, “I am in need of help!” they only respond, “Pray more.”  Your closest Christian friends do not offer to take you out for coffee; they do not offer a listening ear; they offer not a shoulder to cry on.” Yet they tell you to pray – as if you have not been praying every waking moment of your life.

It is easy to pray, it is easy to be happy when your life is full of riches, of close community and you live away from the sins of the world. They shut themselves out of reality and sing the praises of God without ever being tested. It must be nice. Maybe I’ll pray for that.