Is it fair to give someone two deaths,
to kill them twice?
For that is what I have done,
multiple times over.
I don’t like some characters,
so I remove them from my plot.
I fear an eventual loss,
so I execute them to an early grave.

I have suffered their deaths so that when the obituaries come,

I will have no more tears to cry, no ounce of shock.

I have cut loose the rope that binds us,
so when they fall, I do not go with them.
From up here, the wind can dry my tears
and drown out the cries of my sorrow.
Down below, the earth is too barren
to provide me any refuge from the barrage of pain.

Is this crossbow a weapon of defense?
Or have I carefully sniped any suspects before they can become threats?

Is there a right way to take away a life?

But worse,

these zombies still exist, more than ghosts,
no more breathing air into my life,
yet up and walking in a shared world all the same.
I cannot cut them down more than I have.
they are the living dead, and they bring fresh nightmares.
My weapons are no good against them,
there is no mountain I can climb in escape,

and I have already attempted to bury them with silence.

How many more will fall due to my hand, and yet walk due to my inability to forget.