In my day dreams I’m heroic

In my nightmares I am tested

And in waking life I fail.


Uncharted Territory

Maybe there’s a world around us,

That’s not exactly what it seems.

But nobody can wander there,

It’s only in your dreams.

Perhaps it haunts you day and night,

Or maybe not at all.

It’s really quite a mystery,

That no one can recall.

But everyone has a different place,

That they’d like to go.

And you may tell them it’s not real,

But you don’t really know.

Is there something living,

Either out in space, or in deep, deep earth?

You do not now what it is,

Or how much it’s worth.

But there’s something out there!

We’re each just dying to see.

Yet what it is, or where it is,

Is beyond you or me.

So yet we go on pondering,

And wondering more still.

Is there life beyond the stars?

Curiosity is still yet to spill.

Something like a sonnet

It is not desire…nor is it longing,

Rather, I have a craving…

I crave your injustice, the wrongness of us

I crave the wholeness of the void you’d fill

I crave what everyone has – but with a twist,

Because who would I be, if not different?

No, I need something much more forbidden,

I am lured by temptation, and evil is my northern star.

My hands, they shake and my nervous breath

Is the vibrato in your ear, on your neck

Smoke rings are my halo, and pride my horns,

And my claws will rake stories on your back.

I want to be bad. I want to make you cry.

I will leave you wanting more, like nicotine on your breath,

I remind you of our soon-to-be and imminent death.