I lit a candle for you

wooden beams and spackled walls
stain-glassed windows, blessèd halls
a shepherd’s crook, a silly hat
blood-red robes, filled up by fat
Man on cross hung up by nails
he dies each week for our many fails
people don’t know they disrespect
although no manners are left unchecked
whispered comments, a bit too loud
crinkling candies passed among the crowd
dessert before dinner,we’re having bread
hold the holy water, we’re drinking wine instead
saints and idols left and right
broken commandments in plain sight
babies, children making noise
parents soothe with clinking toys
what holy place have we disturbed?
spirits watching must be perturbed
withhold yourself the pleasures of life
abstinence will carry you through strife
renewal of promises, laying on of hands
one ticket to paradise without any demands
come Holy Spirit, let your light shown down
your congregation rests its knees on hard ground
accept a sacrifice unto your lips,
but pray first so it doesn’t go straight to hips
it is places like this that make me question
what praise to God is hollow ceremony and and empty tradition.