Just Another Music Monday

This week’s theme is resonance. (oh you didn’t know there were themes? There aren’t really.)

“Agoraphobia” by Autoheart

“Francisco (Where the Heaven Are We)” by Swim Deep

“Loud Like Love” by Placebo 

“On Our Way” by The Royal Concept

“Candlelit” by Frightened Rabbit

Once more, all these songs, and more, can be found on the new September Indie Rock Playlist for your personal downloading and listening enjoyment.

Just Another Music Monday #Rage



Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

Rise Against’s “Drones”

Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation”

The Offspring’s “Stuff is Messed Up” 

Sum 41’s “Hell Song”

Tracy Chapman’s “Talkin’ bout a Revolution” 

Just Another Music Monday

The weather has been beautiful. I’ve been a little less melancholic – almost happy even! Summer is rubbing off on me…also I’m fostering kittens which has brought great joy to my life in just the three short days I’ve had them! (exclamation marks abound!)

Here are this week’s song recommendations:

“Just One Day” by Mighty Oaks

“Formaldehyde” by Editors

“You & Me & The Radio” by Abandon Kansas

“Love Illumination” by Franz Ferdinand:



Just Another Music Monday

“Paint” by The Paper Kites

See where I am is where I’m wanting to be,
I know what I need, know what I need
And there are many different places to see
I know how to dream, know how to dream
Still there’s a wound and I’m moving slow
Though it don’t show, though it don’t show
I’ve got a hole where nothing grows,
How little you know little you know

“Isjaki” by Sigur Ros

“Born at the Right Time” by Dappled Cities

We never had to fight
for the world we would’ve liked
The war’s already won
I guess I was just born at the right time

“In the Middle of the Night” by Chloe Foy

“Spaceship” by Miss Li

So, have you heard the news today?
If you listen closely, you’ll hear his heart break.
Cause in the psycho world of Eden,
this is the version where she is the snake.

“Little Letters” by Paper Aeroplanes

Just Another Music Monday

Poor yourself some lemonade or a cold beer and enjoy the following in this scorching summer sun:

“Don’t Fence Me In” – Bing Crosby & the Andrew Sisters

“Runaround Sue” – Dion and the Belmonts

“Settin’ the Woods on Fire” – Hank Williams

“Accentuate the Positive” – Bing Crosby & the Andrew Sisters

“In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening” – Dean Martin