Just Another Music Monday

This week’s theme is resonance. (oh you didn’t know there were themes? There aren’t really.)

“Agoraphobia” by Autoheart

“Francisco (Where the Heaven Are We)” by Swim Deep

“Loud Like Love” by Placebo 

“On Our Way” by The Royal Concept

“Candlelit” by Frightened Rabbit

Once more, all these songs, and more, can be found on the new September Indie Rock Playlist for your personal downloading and listening enjoyment.

Just Another Music Monday

“Locked in a Cage” by Brick and Mortar

“Border Line” by Goldspot

“The Wire” by HAIM

“Moscow” by Autoheart

“King City” by Swim Deep

“Too Many Friends” by Placebo

“I’ll Wait for You” by Lowing

I also highly recommend “Midnight Oil” by Winchester.  However, I can’t find it on YouTube, so here is August’s Indie Rock Playlist with all these fabulous songs and more. I highly recommend the download.