This Means War

Not a war with bloodshed,
Perhaps a war with tears
A war expressed with language
A war that conquers fears

I feel an obligation
to exclaim my words
yet my passion must be quiet
as not to seem absurd

Fight against the ignorance
fight against indulgence
fight against the old wives’ tales
fight for common sense

Too long have we stood idly by
and let the preachers tax our ears.
into submission we have settled
and it’s gone on for years

Here’s to correcting people
the idle and the dumb
I reject your information
You’ve no source from which it comes

It spills out from your mouth,
a slack jawed petty thing,
an empty thought popped into mind
and so it you thought you’d sing

I reject your proclamation
I discredit all your “facts”
I’d tell you where to shove it,
but I’d rather you just get sacked.

Another Blog

I just wanted to make note that I have started another blog as well. (I mean other than unexpected stories).

I thought of starting a “manners” blog almost a year ago when I was still in the midst of university madness, working in retail, and experiencing rude people daily.  However, I did not have the time – nor energy – while in university.  Now I have the opportunity to do the blog I wish AND get school credit, though, so I’ve picked up the torch once more.

To check out another blog of mine, just click here. There are many more posts coming! Including “Retail Reminders” designed to keep annoying consumers in line – yes, that could be you. Please enjoy, but feel free to ignore the post that suggests smiling. I know it’s sometimes hard to do, my melancholic friends.

Why not Wednesday?

As it comes round to hump day once more
I take a look at the week I’ve endured –
how many more days to go?

I sit in class and stare out the window,
sometimes wondering what I’m paying for…

Is it a degree? A piece of paper? Is it someone to tell me things I already know?
Because I feel like I could be pushing myself so much more.

I have so much more to learn,
why isn’t everything more of a challenge?

As I stand up in front of my class and
read my prepared speech,
I hear my voice quaver and falter, and I think,
“This is not me.”

But it is, and I am, and I always must be.

It’s time to shake off the nerves and participate in life.
I don’t have time to die poor, alone, and starving –
no matter what kind of artist I think I could be.


My spirit is broken
I cannot weep
So long it has been
since I’ve had a thought
worth keeping.

The rain pours outside
a pathetic attempt
at pathetic fallacy
which could never be represented
by a thought but chill.

These fucking idiots
walking around with their heads
right up each other’s asses
doing what they’re told
and what the fucking system

We need classical music
more than ever
to block out the
and the
and the

It’s about closing,
structure, imposition,
colonization and cages.
It’s about breaking but
not buckling
under the pressure.
The weight of the world
rests solely on you.

No one asks you
how you feel.
You don’t have a fucking
Freedom is a sweet illusion
in the cold clarity
of awareness.

Canada Rant (An Identity Poem) – Gr. 10 History Assignment

Grace and freedom, rights abound

Canada’s home to many around

There’s the red and white flag, hung with pride

For the great maple leaf, the Mounties ride

We’ve claimed the beaver as well as the moose

Our forests are vast, from the mighty oak to the spruce

From the Rocky Mountains to the Maritimes

Toonies, loonies, nickels, dimes

We have coins and coloured money

Our maple syrup’s sweet, as is our honey

Different cultures spread across the land

We’re happy, safe, and we understand

Friendly people, their smiles show

Famous personalities: Mackenzie, Trudeau

They built our nation to what it is today

For the better or worse, on course or astray

A nation, a country, a province a city

A home, an individual: large scale to itty-bitty

I salute, thee, O Canada, and all that you mean

For about each Canadian, there’s a pride that – most definitely – can be seen.