I wouldn’t call myself advantaged.

I am entitled to my belongings, my house, my car. I have worked hard for what I have. If you do not have these things, I guess you have not worked as hard as me.

I was born in the right place at the right time. Everyone was. It is the way it is, because it has always been this way. It’s what we know, and therefore it is right.

I want and so I have. I was taught, and so it is. I deserve good things in life. I feel the world owes me something. I mean, come on, I am here. I have a mouth, and it needs to taste sweet food. I have ears, and they deserve music.  I have a back, and it should lie on something soft at night. I have eyes, they should see pretty things.

Of this I am deserving. It is my right.

I am a person. I deserve respect. If you don’t have respect, it must because you have done something dirty, repulsive, bad. The world is fair and just. You will be punished solely on your actions so choose wisely – as I have.

The sun shines down on me and the rain waters the earth. I experience no famine. I have never felt the thirsty draught. It is because I am righteous and I pray. I will always have bounty enough for me and my family.

Of this I am deserving. It is my right.

Oh you ignorant fools who complain that the world is unjust. There are people sleeping outside while others are squandering riches. You are stupid.

Everything is as it should be. The prosperous have offered jobs with pay, built houses and are willing to sell them, trade for exotic food so that you may taste the world. Stop being lazy and ungrateful and simply take what is being offered to you.

If you are poor, work harder. If you are hungry, eat. If you are unattractive, do something about it. You control your life. There are no external factors at work. Look at me. I have these things. I must deserve them.

My life is free of war, terror. I am a good person, because I do no wrong to others. I have not been bullied and things have not been hard.

Of this I am deserving. It is my right.